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A Social Media Monetizing Marketplace built for content Sharer, Reader, Viewer & Creator.

Yes! That's You.


Your Precious Effort Get Paid! All you need to do is Sharing or Reading our content on your Facebook.

We produce tons of tasty and beautiful contents in our marketplaces daily. Find topics that you love to read or even sharing over your Facebook account, all your contributions are getting paid respectfully.


Track your contribution & wallet. Manage your Facebook assets never been easier.

Your contribution status tells either it has already been Rewarded or being Evaluated. The more contributions you made the more payback you get! Our BulkShare helps you to choose which Facebook pipelines to share and helps firing and multiply your mighty contributions


Everyone can join and get the benefit from it. GoodyEarn has a dream, so do you.

We are targeting the new young generation to make their life even better,a great opportunity that could vastly improving lifestyle, creativity, skills and a place that enjoyable for business and creativity.


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A Social Media Monentizing Marketplace

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